Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Efficiency -- Talking with Gerhard can be dangerous :)

Here I am today, in front of my next victim, ah, I mean client.

He had seen our website: and wanted to talk to me.

A little background: He’s in the mortgage business and because of the current housing dilemma his business has taken quite a hit. Now, one of the first things he told me was that he would get all involved in admin and other things that would not get him new clients and he would fail to make the phone calls needed to reach out to the people he knew.

My response was, “Ok, how many calls would you have to make per day to accomplish that?”

His answer was, “Five.”

So my response was, “Get out a blank letter size piece of paper and write on it ‘Make 5 calls per day’ and post it on the wall right in front of you. This is your daily assignment and you get this one for free.”

He took the paper, wrote it on there and put it right in from of him on the wall.

And guess what, he’s doing it!

(Naturally he signed up for the Efficiency Management System Coaching, too!)

Is there something you should be doing on a daily basis and aren’t? Well, get out the piece of paper and ……!

Let me know how that goes.

Best - Gerhard


Agnes said...

Wow, that's amazing, what a simple fix!

Cosmic Treehouse said...

Very nice, Gerhard. If only you had been doing this 8 years ago, maybe George W Bush would be leading the world into a golden age of prosperity and the note on his wall that you made him put up would be framed and placed in the Smithsonian Museum for all of us to see, "Make Work, not War."

Desi said...

Hello Gerhard
This is really helpful data for anyone living on this planet. Thank you. I will be following your advice, especially some of the things I've "missed" in my daily routines.