Friday, July 11, 2008

Efficiency - A New View

I have found that any business owner or executive will handle their areas based on the way that they see or are able to observe those areas. That's almost one of these “duh” statements.

I invite you to look at it a bit closer, though.
The way you view your business, your office, your area is based on you education, your experience and your training. So, if you are able to add some new way of looking at those areas you are apt to see things in a different way and so become able to make positive changes.

Have you had the experience of having learned something new which caused you to look differently at your office or your business? I hope this has happened to you, because then you already understand what I mean a bit better.

Let me invite you to participate in a little practical exercise:
After you have read this or when you have 10 minutes or more, walk into your area like you have never been there before and start questioning why things are done a certain way.

Remember this will only work if you are being someone at that moment who has never set foot into the area before.

You might see things now when questioned from this new point of view that do not seem very efficient. Well, if you can see that they are not that efficient, then you can also figure out a simpler way to make them more efficient.

Go ahead and try it out and let me know what you’ve come up with.
I’m looking forward to your feedback.


Agnes said...

Wow, thank you Gerhard. It was indeed a very interesting experience. Things do look quite different.

Ron said...

Gerhard. This is actually a very good piece and idea. I walked into my office from a new point of view and stopped looking in 5 seconds. To continue would have taken the whole day to start re-arranging and I had work to do!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice.